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0day – Identify vulnerable (RCE) vBulletin 5.0.0 – 5.5.4

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Gathering Hosts:

This tool simply iterates over hosts on port 443 and 80 and runs a PoC to test if they are vulnerable to RCE. You can use Shodan to gather potential targets:

shodan download vbullet-443 'html:"vbulletin" port:443'
shodan parse vbullet-443.json.gz --fields ip_str > vbullet-443
shodan download vbullet-80 'html:"vbulletin" port:80'
shodan parse vbullet-80.json.gz --fields ip_str > vbullet-80

By default I provide both host files with 1k hosts each for those of you without a Shodan API key!

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